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Van Rentals

The University maintains a fleet of multi-passenger vehicles for the purpose of providing transportation to students and employees in support of the University's academic mission. The vehicles are maintained and scheduled through Transportation Services.

Vehicle Drivers training

All individuals operating a 12-passenger van must have a MVR and van training on file with the Office of Parking and Transportation Services in order to be on the Approved Drivers list of a Request. This can be done by emailing a completed Motor Vehicle Record Disclosure form, as well as a Completed Van training Certificate.

Van training can be found at You will need to scroll down on the “my assignments” page and click a blue “View library” button. Select the “transportation” option. You will have multiple lessons at your disposal, but the only one we require is titled “Van Safety”.

Scheduling Procedures and Information

Relevant Forms

1.   All vehicles are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests are date stamped when received and this date serves as the date of record for purposes of scheduling.

2.   Early administrative approval is encouraged for all trips and all necessary arrangements should be made as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of vehicles. No vehicles will be officially scheduled until an approved copy of the transportation request form is filed with the Parking and Transportation Services Office. If a scheduled trip is canceled, notification must be made to the Transportation Services Office as far in advance as possible to allow the vehicle to be rescheduled.

Regulations Governing the Use of Vans

Relevant Policies

1.   A credit card is furnished with each vehicle. This card can be used only for the vehicle to which it is issued. Under no circumstances can gasoline be purchased for a vehicle license number not listed on the credit card. Credit cards are to be used for the purchase of gasoline and motor oil compatible with proper engine operation. Credit cards are not to be used for tune-ups and other general maintenance without prior authorization. When gasoline is purchased, the operator is required to record the mileage on the credit card receipt and see to it that the vehicle license number is recorded in the appropriate box. Lost credit cards must be reported immediately to the Transportation Services Office. Vans must be returned with a full tank of gas. If the van is not refuled your department will be charged for the cost to refill the van(s).

2.   All operators of University vehicles are required to drive in a legal, safe and courteous manner.

3.   Top carriers and trailer hitches are not to be installed or used on any vehicle.

4.   Vehicles are checked out by picking up the trip ticket, keys, and credit card from the EKU Parking Office in Commonwealth on the 2nd floor, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Vehicles can be checked out, on or after the time indicated on the approved transportation request form. Vehicles not picked up within one hour of the request time may be rescheduled for another user.

5.   Vehicles are to be returned to the assigned van parking spaces in the Commonwealth lot. Vehicles must be returned by the date and time indicated on the approved transportation request, to ensure availability for the next scheduled user.

6. The completed trip ticket signed by the driver, keys, the credit card and all receipts are to be returned to the EKU Parking Office in Commonwealth 2nd Floor, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. After hours please drop completed package off at Commonwealth Hall, side entrance in the dropbox.

7. The operator of the vehicle is responsible for locking all doors and windows, removing all trash and refuse from the vehicle following completion of the trip. When checking out a vehicle, please inform the Transportation Office if the previous user has left refuse in the vehicle. A cleanup charge will be assessed to any user that leaves refuse or trash in the vehicle.

8. Upon return, the operator is responsible for listing on the trip ticket any observed malfunctions or potential problems such as faulty brakes, tires, steering, etc. This is essential for proper fleet maintenance.

9. An operator whose vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in damage to the vehicle or to any other property, or to any other person, must have a police report made. It is the responsibility of the operator to furnish the Parking and Transportation Services Office with a copy of the police report.


1.    Departments with a travel budget code will be inter-accounted for Transportation Services at the established rates.

2.    If a scheduled vehicle is not canceled 24 hours prior to the time of departure, a $30.00 charge will be assessed. 

3.    The rental rate for 12-passenger vans is $30.00 per reservation plus $.50 per mile.

4.    Vans must be returned with a full tank of gas. If the van is not refuled your department will be charged for the cost to refill the van(s).

*Prices subject to change*

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